You are a Chic Work Chick.

Ambitious, driven, and passionate.  You understand mindset over strategy and the power of a well-fitted blazer.  You ask for what you want in and out of the boardroom.  You’re a woman on the rise who’s going places.  We’ll help you get there.

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When I started my career in Corporate America I was shocked by the limited modern work wear options. (Cue the ill-fitting pantsuit and the too short Forever 21 pencil skirt.) Frustrated, I began combining pieces from my everyday wear with my corporate wear and created a new, modern—yet professional wardrobe.  I began a personal Instagram blog to document the journey and now we are a community of over 68,000—solidifying us as Instagram’s #1 work wear inspiration page.

Now, I want to create one central place for the modern working woman to be inspired and empowered through style and strategy.

Here, I’ll introduce the idea that mindfulness and ambition go hand and hand and that style and substance are not mutually exclusive. It is my goal to provide Content and Courses that will help you rise to the next level.

So, no more playing it small!  If you are ready to get up, dress up, and show up—add your email below and never miss a chance to be level up.

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