For the Women with Style and Substance

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a special piece written by Liz Dennery Sanders founder of SheBrand.

While researching the phrase “style and substance,” I came across her book “Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand.” A section in the book called “Women Contain Multitudes” resonated in my soul on many levels.  It was as if she had taken all my thoughts on beauty and intelligence and composed it one significant, perfectly written piece. Seriously, when I read it, I said thank you Universe.  So, take a moment to read and let me know if you find yourself saying, “yasssss, girl!” along the way.

“We’re not just “one thing. We’re many things!”

A woman no longer has to choose between being a devoted mother and a fierce businesswoman. A Harvard MBA graduate who obsesses over astrology and crystals (or the latest Tory Burch collection) in her spare time.  A pop culture aficionado who also runs an award-winning architecture firm.  

It irritates me when women get put into rigid boxes, when women are treated dismissively, and when our skills are underestimated (although never underestimate the power of being underestimated!)

All too often, in the media, women who unabashedly love fashion, beauty, makeup and other traditionally feminine pursuits are lambasted for being “shallow” or “air-headed.” But this kind of snap-judgment is tremendously short-sighted, and it isn’t true.

Look at someone like Shakira, for example. 

She’s done incredible philanthropic work, creating educational opportunities for children in her home nation of Columbia.  She’s a smart, generous philanthropist, a talented performer, and she loves wearing leather boots and midriff baring tops and Salsa dancing in her music videos.  She brilliant, kind, talented, and activist, an artist, energetic, fit, athletic and sensual.  Shakira is a woman of style and substance.  Not one or the other—both.

YOU are woman of style and substance too. 

And your brand, which is an extension of you, can comprise style and substance, beauty and intelligence, delight and depth.  Both/and, not either/or.”

Liz Dennery is a brand consultant, creative director and founder of SheBrand, helping companies that speak to women create more vibrant, engaging brands. She has worked with brands like Escada, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Serena Williams, Elyse Walker, The American Cancer Society and more.

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